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Alphadrox Review – Does it Increase Muscle Mass?

Men with defined abs, ripped biceps and muscular pectorals are considered to be more handsome. However, you’ll agree that it isn’t an easy task to achieve a fit body. You have to do regular and lots of hard work over an extended period of time. Moreover, your body also takes a lot of time to repair the broken tissues and provide them with strength. Most people give up and lose faith before they can achieve their “dream bodies,” but those who are wise opt for workout supplements such as Alphadrox.

What is Alphadrox?

This is one of the most effective pre-workout muscle building supplements that help users maximize their workouts, increase muscle mass and cut recovery time. It’s all you need to gain energy/ endurance for your daily workouts and achieve massive muscles like never before. The pill works by improving circulation, providing your muscles with the perfect amount of blood and oxygen with every lift. It then speeds recovery time by supplying your muscles with the perfect blend of protein, vitamins and nutrients. Moreover, Alphadrox also help improve metabolism, increases protein synthesis in the muscles and boosts the immune system

Alphadrox Makers

Alphadrox is manufactured by a company that uses the same name. If you visit the official website, you’ll see the” Made in the USA” label. The “Contact Us” page also show that the company is based in Phoenix, AZ, and potential customers are provided with a post office box address for product returns (Alphadrox Returns, POBOX 29201 Phoenix AZ 85038. There is also a customer service number that you can use to reach them, (877-860-8736) and email (support@Alphadrox.com).


Alphadrox is made from natural plant, herb and root extracts which are formulated to give you the most out of your workout and enhance your male physique. The ingredients are blended into a powerful combination, producing a more effective formula compared to other workout supplements.
1. L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglurate 
This ingredient assists the liver to produce nitric acid which helps break down ammonia (a by-product of hard exercises) in the muscles. While breaking down this compound, the ingredient contributes to the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide ensures that your muscles get an extra dosage of nutrients, blood and glucose. Generally, the supplement is involved in many metabolic processes and helps improve blood flow to muscle tissue, strengthens the immune system, has positive influence on your libido and helps treat blood pressure and heart diseases.
2. L-Citrulline Mallat
Another amino acid that is considered to be one of the most effective ingredient in the workout supplement niche. Essentially, it performs the same job as L-Arginine, but its effects last longer, leading to a better performance. It helps improves blood flow in the body by relaxing the arteries. It helps build lean muscles by boosting your strength and endurance through a process known as protein synthesis.
3. Caffeine Anhydrous 
Caffeine Anhydrous is a concentrated form of caffeine. It increases your energy levels, decrease soreness, extends muscular endurance and boosts fat loss
4. L-Norvaline
The ingredient has positive effects on nitric oxide & circulation. It increases nitric oxide production and improves blood circulation. L-Norvaline builds lean muscles by pumping them with nutrients, and regenerates the muscle tissue to support healthy new growth. Moreover, the supplement helps block chemical reactions that might affect the effects of the L-Aginine, Caffeine Anhydrous and L-Citrulline. It inhibits the production of Arginase, which can slow the production of nitric oxide.

Health Benefits

1. Boosts Energy and Stamina
Low energy levels may affect your workout routine, increasing your time frame for expected results. If you are experiencing frequent sessions of fatigue, reduced strength & stamina or reduced physical performance Alphadrox can help increase your energy levels. When you take the pills, the ingredients are absorbed into the blood stream and then helps enhance testosterone levels, boost your stamina and relief all symptoms of fatigue. Moreover, the pills boost your endurance, meaning that you’ll be able to lift heavy weights and push yourself further.
2. Simple Dosage
Alpghadrox is easy to incorporate into your workout routine. One bottle is a one-month supply of the formula and contains 60 capsules. You are expected to take only 2 capsules per day, before your workout session.
3. Improves Your Sex Drive 
Alphadrox assists men in both physical and sexual areas, boosting their overall abilities. The manufacturer outlines that the pills reliefs symptoms of erectile dysfunction and enhances the overall sexual performance. The combination of Alphadrox ingredients helps improve blood flow into the 2-main chambers of the penis during erection, enabling you to satisfy your partner.

Other Benefits 

• Increases muscle mass size.
• Burns fats for bigger muscles.
• It gives you explosive workouts
• Alleviates soreness resulting from vigorous exercises.
• Enhances alertness
• Burns fat, helping you achieve perfect muscles.

Side Effects

Alphadrox is made from 100% natural ingredient and is considered to be a safe product. The supplement contains no additives, fillers or chemically formulated compounds and all the ingredients have gone through medical research and their efficiency in boosting energy levels, stamina, and testosterone have been proofed. Therefore, you are unlikely to experience negative side effects. In fact, no adverse side effects have been reported by any Alphadrox user.
However, potential users who have already been diagnosed with heart diseases are advised to avoid the supplement. If you are taking prescription medication, ensure that you consult your doctor before you can start taking the pills. Note that the Alphadrox is meant for male adults, aged 18 and older.


You can get a free Alphadrox bottle for just the cost of shipping, $4.95. When you place the order, you receive a 14-day evaluation, and then you’ll be enrolled in an auto ship program once the evaluation expires. You are free to subscribe to a monthly shipment program that costs $ 74.45 starting 14 days from the day you placed you placed your trial order.

Where to Buy Alphadrox

You can only buy Alphadrox from the manufacture’s official website.
If you would like to have ripped and muscular body, increase the size of your muscles or gain muscle faster, Alphadrox can be your perfect option. It contains all you need to become healthier and stronger. When you take the pills as directed by the manufacturer, you’ll love the positive short and long-term effects.

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