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Caralluma Review – Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, Coupon

Excessive body weight is no longer considered simply as a cosmetic problem. It is a causative factor in chronic conditions like diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension, bone disorders, endocrine dysfunction among other complaints. It is for this reason that people are pushed to seek for solutions in the event that they feel that they should reduce their body weight, or when their doctors advise them on the same.

About Caralluma Fimbriata

Caralluma Fimbriata, also known as Slimaluma is a natural extract from the Cactus (a succulent plant found mostly in India) plant used for kinds of dietetic purposes across the world. This plant is thought to suppress appetite thus bringing about weight loss. The scientific reason behind this is that it has an effect on hypothalamus (a part of the brain which “tells” the body when in hunger or when full) which consequently reduces hunger. In many occasions, this product is taken once or twice a day and may take up to a month for it to take full effect. Caralluma has been available for decades but it has gained full popularity in the last half a decade. It is a quite cheap pill which can go for around $14 to $30 per bottle. Most of the manufacturers are based in India where the diet pill originated from. These manufacturing firms include Herbal Bio solutions, Demega formulations, Navchetana Kendra Health Care Private Limited among others. That’s not all you need to know about this amazing product, so keep reading.

Caralluma Ingredients

Caralluma Fimbriata is a natural extract from the cactus plant. It therefore does not have so many special ingredients. Notably though, its active ingredients are Caratuberside A, Caratuberside B, BoucerosideI, BoucerosideII, BoucerosideIII, BoucerosideIV, BoucerosideV, BoucerosideVI, BoucerosideVII, BoucerosideVIII, BoucerosideIX, Boucemide X, Tomenkogenin , Sitosterol, Luteolin4ncohesperidoside, and KaempferoJ-7-O-neohesperidosid and the product’s preservatives. However, it does have numerous brand names including C. Fimbriate, Caralluma, Caralluma ascendens, Caralluma Pregnane Glycosides and many others which still refer to the same dietary product.

Health Benefits of Caralluma

This product has a lot of benefits to the body although the mostly researched one is its ability to reduce weight. It does so by making the body to feel full even when not actually full, thus reducing the amount of food to take and therefore bringing about weight loss without feeling cravings for food.
Secondly, this extract is really capable of fighting fat cells in the body. These extracts don’t allow pre-fat cells to build and be converted into fat. Enzymes in the product are responsible for this. One of the enzymes is thought to be able to bar Citrate Lyase which is necessary for fat production.

By blocking fat production, the body is able to get rid of the already accumulated fat in the body far much faster. For this reason also, fatigue is fought because less fat implies leaner body mass. A human body with less fat reserves is unlikely to experience situations of weariness and weakness. A study conducted has shown that this pill is particularly effective in combating with fat reserves when used frequently and for longer period of time.

Though not proven, patients have observed increase in energy as a result of using this product. So, loosely speaking, this product can be used to boost the degree of energy in the body.

Side Effects of Caralluma

Natural products have not been seen to have many side effects. We cannot, however say that Caralluma doesn’t have any. A number of side effects have been reported by those who have used this product for a while. Medical reasons have also been given regarding to these side effects. Any pill can therefore cause some initial discomforts and irritations on some individuals. Almost all human bodies react rather quickly to any drug until they are used to them. Some of the possible side effects of Caralluma Fimbriata include;
Mild discomfort in the stomach. This could be in the form of intestinal gas, constipation, stomach upsets or even stomach pain. They should disappear in a weeks’ time. If they persist then the patient should contact his/her physician.

There are also chances of mild headache and feeling of nausea.
Some allergy might appear on the first days of usage. This can happen to those who are prone to allergies.

Patients might experience “loose motion” at the first stages of the usage of the product.
As a special precaution and a conventional medical health exercise and like any other drug, this product is not advisable for a pregnant woman, patients who are having a regular medication as well as to children below the age of fourteen.

Price of Caralluma

As mentioned earlier, this product goes for about $14 to $30. This is not a high price for such a good product. Its price varies and fluctuates according to demands and depending on where the pill is being shipped from.

Where to buy Caralluma

Caralluma can be bought anywhere in the world either from a vitamin shop or even online. Customer should be aware of scams when it comes to these diet pills. Those that once sold fake diet pills have been blacklisted and are no longer functional. However these scammers arise every day. A patient should not subscribe to these “free trial offers” as they mostly come from scammers. Genuine dealers only sell what is purchased and nothing more. These genuine dealers also offer guaranteed money back if it does not work for their clients. This shows how sure they are on their products. Amazon, for instance is an ideal place to get the product online. They also offer free shipping in less than day of delivery.

Bottom Line

Caralluma is worth giving a try. However, no matter how hard you try, no diet pill can work is a poor health plan is implemented. The long term effects of this pill are unknown so far. So be ready to discontinue in case adverse effects occur on the body. Extensive research is still being conducted on the ability of these cacti to be used on dietary health plans. It will not work as a miracle. Patients should engage on physical exercises in order to witness the full potential of the pill.

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