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Garcinia Cambogia Premium Review


Garcinia cambogia used to be just any other plant growing prolifically in various parts of the world and
used in several culinary kitchen production. However, this quickly changed when Dr. Oz featured the plant on his favorite show.
Apparently, the rinds of garcinia cambogia contain HCA (hydroxycitric acid) which has been shown in numerous results to result in fat loss in individuals. After Dr. Oz featured the plant and explained its various benefits in assisting fat loss, many supplement companies emerged claiming to produce the best garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement in the market.
Although some of them are capable of providing reliable supplements that contribute towards fat loss, most have scammed customers. It is therefore important to keenly review the supplements you come across before spending your money. Here is a detailed descriptive review of Garcinia Cambogia Premium, one of the companies that claim to offer the ultimate garcinia cambogia supplement.
About the company
Garcinia Cambogia Premium is a nutritional supplement produced by a company based in Atlanta GA. The company bears the same name as their supplements which are produced containing 60% HCA. 60% is the ideal amount of HCA required to help lose fat (especially visceral belly fat). According to a Japanese research study, patients who used supplements with 60% HCA lost more visceral fat although there was no significant change in BMI and body weight. Unlike many companies that claim to offer the best garcinia cambogia supplement, the Atlanta enterprise run their production in an FDA approved facility and conduct research studies before releasing their supplements. They also have shipping arrangements with Amazon to supply their products overseas.

Benefits of garcinia cambogia premium

Despite a couple of concerns and baseless critics, the benefits of garcinia cambogia premium are quite obvious and straightforward. There are several positive reviews and testimonials from users of the supplement all claiming incredible results.
The company offers their supplement without any binders, fillers or other additional ingredients and all products are processed in a FDA approved facility and are also GMI certified. Each capsule contains 800 grams garcinia cambogia premium (with 60% HCA) and 70mg potassium. Users should only take one vegetarian capsule twice a day 30 minutes before their meals to significantly suppress appetite and help in fat loss. The supplement comes in a 60-capsule bottle sufficient for a full month’s supply.
The official website claims there are no side effects (since no additional ingredients are used) although nausea and slight headaches have been reported by some users. This supplement is generally superior to competition as it uses 100% pure garcinia cambogia with 60% HCA which is the ideal amount required for weight loss unlike other formulas that offer 30% – 50%. The supplement is safe for use up to 12 weeks but users are advised to consult their physicians for further direction.
They are also backed by a 90-day money back guarantee if you do not get the results you are looking for.
In simple terms, the benefits are as follows;
1. Natural ingredients with no side effects
2. Proven to result in the loss of visceral fat
3. 90-day money back guarantee if it fails to work
4. Contains the ideal amount of hydroxycitric acid required for weight loss
5. Is ideal for both men and women
According to the official website, the results will start surfacing within 2 – 5 weeks which is within the 90 day period within which you can get your money back if the results are unsatisfactory.

Where to buy Garcinia Cambogia Premium

There are various garcinia cambogia supplement retailers and distributors in the market and finding reputable ones can be at least daunting. Most supplement suppliers own professionally designed websites where details of their offers are provided including contact direction. It should be as simple s looking up businesses in your favorite browser.
All brands and products are promoted as ultimate choices, which is definitely never the case. In order to find original genuine garcinia cambogia premium weight loss supplements, it is advisable to purchase from the official website of the company.
There are other approved affiliate networks and online store like Amazon you can trust for original supplements from the manufacturer and their links are available from the official site. Make sure you verify the credibility and reputation of that particular retailer before you make an order. You can simply call their customer care contact (888) 503-1757 or visit the website and fill out a contact form with your order. All supplements should come with a 100% satisfaction and 90-day money back guarantee.
Market price and refunding policy
Fortunately for garcinia cambogia premium users, you will not be enrolled to any autoship program even if you purchase 100 bottles.
The supplements are offered in four main packages that include the following;
• Sampler’s – This is one bottle offered at $48
• Beginner’s – You get 3 bottles for $91 (translating to around $30 per bottle)
• Moderate package – You get 4 bottles for $112 (translating to $28 per bottle)
• Best selling – This is the best offer giving you 6 bottles for $138 which is about $23 per bottle.
You can get your bottle(s) of pure premium supplements from the official site or Amazon together with the full satisfaction guarantees. However, some customers have reported undesirable delays and responses when seeking refunds. It is therefore important to read through the refunding policy and find out if you qualify for a refund. Not everyone who returns the package within 90 days will get their money back. There are various factors considered before one is refunded.
Some people (mainly competitors) have criticized garcinia cambogia premium claiming the Japanese research studies are not sufficient to warrant weight loss. The studies indicated loss of visceral fat. However, this is only an extra benefit of supplement after it performs fairly equal to other top garcinia supplements.
In fact, the loss of visceral fat is notwithstanding the other benefits of appetite suppression and advantages such as potent fast-action and free purchase without autoship programs. The competitors are simply pointing to an additional advantage that they do not have as they barely produce 30% – 50% HCA supplements. The premium supplement is safe, has been proven to result in desirable fat loss and you can always get back your money if you find it worthless within the money-back guarantee period. Moreover, it is quite affordable when compared to other alternatives.

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