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Neurolon Review – Does it really work? Benefits & Side Effects

Looking for an effective brain enhancement supplement?
If so you are at the right place.
In the modern world, brain enhancement supplements have become increasingly popular with the general population due to the numerous benefits associated with their use. There are quite a number of brain enhancement supplements available in the market with the most notable being Neurolon. The following is a comprehensive overview that will help shed more light on this product

What exactly is Neurolon?

Neurolon can be best described as a nootropic or brain enhancement supplement which has the capacity of increasing the number of neural pathways and neural transmitters within the brain and in so doing, greatly enhance brain functionality
According to the manufacturer most individuals tend to focus more on their body and as such tend to go for supplements that nurture their body in the process neglecting supplements that nurture and improve brain functionality. The brain controls all body functions and by nurturing the brain through wholesome supplements, an individual can be able to also promote good body functionality and in so doing benefit more from other supplements
The Neurolon brain enhancement supplement was developed after years of research and boasts of a host of ingredients that have the capacity to enhance brain functionality. According to the manufacturer, some of the benefits associated with this product includes improved memory and also greater mental stamina
Product makers
Neurolon is manufactured by PRWEB which is owned by Wealthion LLC. The CEO for Wealthion LLC is Vlad Danciu

Ingredients of Neurolon

Neurolon boasts of 9 active ingredients whose combined action helps to further enhance brain functionality. The following is an overview of these ingredients and their contribution to the overall effect when it comes to brain enhancement
Bacopa extract
This is the key ingredient that makes up a large percentage of Neurolon. Native to Asia, the Bacopa extract has been used for thousands of years as a traditional medicine for a number of conditions. According to ancient Ayurdevic writings, the Bacopa extract was used to treat attention disorders, anxiety, cognitive disorders, depression and even epilepsy.
Clinical trials have shown that the Bacopa extract has the capacity to improve memory and cognition in individuals who are suffering from attention deficit disorder and also in people with intellectual dysfunction. It was also shown to have a significant positive effect when it comes to reducing anxiety and also epileptic seizures.
Bacopa extract primarily works by promoting neurotransmitter growth while at the same time stimulating brain growth. This has made it the primary active ingredient for all brain enhancement supplements but in Neurolon, the percentage of Bacopa extract is higher when compared to other supplements hence a guarantee of better results.
Huperzine is another active ingredient which has a significant benefit when it comes to brain functionality. Huperzine as a compound has the capacity to increase retention of information within the brain, boost concentration and is also associated with mental clarity. Huperzine brings about all these by stimulating the production of acetylcholine with the brain.
Acetylcholine acts as a powerful transmitter between neurons and by stimulating the production of this compound, brain function can be significantly improved.
Ginko Biloba
Ginko Biloba is one of the most ancient species of trees and is characterized by fan shaped leaves and branches. The seeds and leaves of the Ginko Biloba tree have been used in ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years in treating a number of ailments.
Research has shown that extracts from these tree has the capacity to protect nerve cells from damage and at the same time also helps to enhance cognitive ability. As such, this extract is considered as being very important when it comes to enhancing brain functionality.
Also known as dimethylaminoethanol, DMAE is an organic compound which can help improve energy levels, memory and also mood.
Korean ginseng root powder
This natural compound enhances the quality and longevity of other active ingredients that make up Neurolon and in doing so, brings out better results
This is a naturally occurring compound found in the body whose main function is to enhance inter-cellular communication within the body for better brain function. This compound can be naturally extracted from soy beans and is an active ingredient in Neurolon
Some of the other active ingredients that make up Neurolon include Vinpocetine, Glutamine and DHA concentrate.

Product benefits of Neurolon

As mentioned earlier, Neurolon has numerous benefits associated with its use. Some of its benefits include
· Better memory and cognitive ability which is principally brought about by the active ingredients
· Relaxing and soothing properties not only to the mind but also the body. This brings about better sleep
· Improved concentration 
· Improved brain functionality
This are some of the top benefits associated with using this product. However it is important to note that the brain controls all bodily functions and by enhancing brain functionality you will be in essence ensuring that your whole body functions properly

Side effects

Considering that the active ingredients for the Neurolon supplement are natural, there is minimal side effect associated with the use of this product. However, it is generally recommended for expectant and lactating mothers to first consult their doctors before taking this supplement

Neurolon price

Neurolon comes in a 60 tablet bottle and the manufacturer recommends taking 2 tablets each day. The price for a 60 tablet bottle is quite high but this is understandable considering the effectiveness of this formulation, heightened level of quality and potency of the formulation compared to other supplements available in the market. The price for a 60 tablet bottle is 60 US dollars

Where to buy Neurolon

The official merchants for Neurolon are Vitalife International Enterprises Inc. however, this supplement can be purchased from various merchant sites such as amazon where Vitalife have setup a merchant account
Final verdict
Most nootropics in the market have common ingredients but often in insufficient amounts or in most instances a supplement might be lacking one or more vital active ingredient making it have reduced efficacy.
Neurolon appears to be one of the few supplements of high quality in its category. The composition for this supplement incorporates all the necessary active ingredients and more and the best thing of it all is that the ingredients are of high potency. As such, the success rate for this supplement is guaranteed to be very high. According to the official site, Vitalife has sold this supplement for over 3 years and have thousands of satisfied customers with a near zero product return rate
In view of this, the Neurolon brain enhancement supplement is a definite buy.

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