Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Prolean Cleanse Review – Benefits, Side Effects, Where to Buy

Prolean cleanse is a relatively new supplement in the medical industry. The supplement advertises all the advantages associated with drinking red smoothies on a daily basis.

By drinking smoothies that are packed with red fruits (as well as some purple and blue fruits) you can enjoy some huge health benefits – including loss of weight and reduced risks of various diseases. The manufacturer says that almost everyone raves about the green smoothies today and for good reason. However, very few people usually pay attention to the red smoothies.

The idea in this supplement is that the ingredients found in the colorful fruits are packed with several antioxidants. Those ingredients usually discharge toxins from the human body which helps the body to shed off those extra pounds.

In addition to containing several antioxidants, Prolean cleanse is also packed with minerals and vitamins. These minerals and vitamins can boost your overall health while still increasing your concentration.

Prolean Cleanse Ingredients

In its introductory video, Prolean cleanse spins a very funny story about how the ancient Incan civilizations in Peru used to drink the red smoothies so as to stay healthy. Even though it might not be true or there is no historic evidence showing that they actually drank red smoothies, it still makes for a very good story.

In any case, the creator of the Prolean cleanse says that these ancient Incans used to rely on 4 critical ingredients that are included in the Prolean cleanse. They include:
· Maca: This ingredient has already proven cancer fighting abilities and it is also famous for reducing the overall stress levels. Maca is often referred to as the natural energizer and it is responsible for some feel-good effects that you will get from the red detox smoothies.

· Cocoa: Widely-known to have the life-prolonging qualities, Cocoa usually enhances your overall health levels with its higher doses of the key anti-oxidants. An improved heart health is yet another benefit of cocoa plants.

· Chia seeds: The Chia seeds contain all the important fatty acids (The Omega-3 fats) that are the good fat types that the body actually needs. Chia seeds are also rich in calcium and various proteins.

· Vanilla: Vanillla is known to reduce the stress levels. It is also a delicious natural flavoring that does not cause your blood sugar or insulin levels to spike.

These ingredients are normally combined in certain quantities with various leafy green vegetables and red fruits to form Prolean cleanse recipes that are inside this system. The key is in the quantities used and combinations.
By squeezing extracts from these ingredients and then combining it with purple, blue and red fruits, you will get a very powerful cleanse. One popular red fruit that is discussed a lot in the Prolean cleanse is raspberry; a fruit that’s loaded with anthocyanins and antioxidants.


· The diet is easy to understand and follow as well
· The Prolean cleanse is backed by real science and all the results of the creator’s personal coaching clients
· There are a lot of success stories from many customers on their website thus proving that the diet actually works
· Prolean cleanse does not just focus on the loss of weight but it also focuses on the overall wellbeing, health and how you feel daily
· The diet will improve your immune system so you are better able to fight off illness and colds
· It dramatically reduces the cravings for unhealthy foods
· The diet includes only natural sugars from fruits in the smoothies
· The diet enables you to get impressive weight loss results without having to follow a strict diet or workout plan


The supplement is really suited for any person who wants to improve his  or her overall health and energy levels while still losing body fat. This supplement is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. If you are taking other weight loss steps as well, like a specific exercise program or diet, then this product can always work alongside it in improving the results.
The Prolean cleanse is particularly good for the busy people because the only time that you really need to invest is when making actual smoothies –and this only take very few minutes. You should set aside one or two hours so as to initially read through all dosage recommendations so as to fully understand everything.


There are no major side effects associated with Prolean cleanse because the product contains Natural ingredients only. The cleanse is mainly gotten from miracle plants, roots and herbs of the purest integrity. The product is an all-natural formula that’s considered effective and safe for nearly everyone.


ProLean Cleanse is usually sold through the 14-day trial, for which you will pay $4.95 and then receive a full 30-days supply of the supplement.
Once your trial ends, you will be charged $129.93 for the full price this product. You will also be enrolled in the ProLean Cleanse’s autoship program. This means you will continue receiving fresh supplies of the supplement once in every 30 days whereas your credit card shall be charged 129.93 dollars each time.
It is important to note that the free trials are mainly focused on getting hold of your credit card number while the autoship program commits you to the recurring monthly charges. According to their terms, outside of the 14-days trial, no refunds are available.


ProLean Cleanse is mainly sold through the independent affiliates who usually earn a commission off of every sale they will refer. As a result, they all strive to offer all the required information about this supplement. The Prolean cleanses is available on many online retailers. In order to get the cleanse and see its health benefits, simply get to the seller’s website or the affiliated sites where the Proclean cleanse can help you in saving on the buying price.


The Prolean cleanse is definitely worth buying for effective and quick weight loss results. It also boosts your overall health, immune system and mood. Furthermore, the supplement has the 14-day money back guarantee thus you have a zero risk if for some reasons you did not like it. Buy one today and enjoy the wide range of health benefits that come with the program.


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