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Xtreme Testrone Review – My Personal Review If it worked!


As a man who hit a plateau while lifting it has been hard to find a product that could help me get over that plateau. I have tried all sorts of health supplements to give me a competitive edge in order to reach my best potential as a weight lifter (and to see my bench go beyond the 300 IB mark.)
I have tried upping my protein intake with supplements and Muscle milk. I have tried doing more sets at a lighter weight to get me over the hump in my workout. I never thought of getting past that hump using any kind of Testosterone booster.
Mainly because in my ignorance I thought such products would not help in any way. That using a testosterone booster had zero or no help in my workouts. I for once was glad that I was proven wrong.
While I was searching for some all-natural alternatives. I was lucky to find a great product that not only helped me get through my workout plateau, but also helped with my low energy as well. The product of course was Xtreme Testrone.
Like most people I thought the idea of using testosterone booster would be either;
a. Dangerous 
b. Not useful 
c. Would not work.
But to my pleasant surprise (and thank God I was wrong), this product is none of the before mentioned situations. It helped me produce higher levels of testosterone into my body which help me maintain a higher level of lean muscle mass. As well as helped bring in better energy levels. All though at first I did not notice the change, after some time my body did get used to the new levels of energy it brought throughout the day. It took me about two weeks of using the product with their recommended dosages. Before I saw any kind of real results from the product.


The bottle explains what is inside the product itself.
All of the following ingredients make Xtreme Testosterone one of the most sought after Testosterone boosters on the market. It contains the following ingredients.
A.) Tongkat Ali Root: Which according to the manufacture has compounds that help with libido (my wife can consent to that J).
B.) Horney Goat Weed: This is the main ingredient that helps in blood flow as well as oxide levels. This helps with maintaining and keeps lean muscle mass. (Plus you get to look good naked because of it. J)
C.) Boron Amino Acid: This boosts the human body’s metabolism. To keep the fat off of your back. It also helps keep your energy levels high. (With the amount of energy you will now have you can pursue other activities. J)
This is great since all the following ingredients are all natural ingredients that I highly recommend anyone to look up for themselves to see for themselves about the ingredients.
What I really loved about the product is for a one month supply I was able to get a great product and for a very reasonable priced compared to the rest of the testosterone boosters on the market. For only $89.95 I received a whole months worth of supply to help me keep my competitive edge in the weight room. But they also offer an amazing $99.95 for 3 month supply. Which if I could do it over again, I would have gone with the 3 month supply.
One of the major side effects for the booster is that it does add more Testosterone into your body. This is great if you are working out or hitting the gym on the regular basis. But if you are overtaking the product will lead to more aggression on your part. As well as possible baldness from the product. But as long as you take the product as recommended these issues should not be a problem that you would fall into.
The company gives ten days to “test drive” the supplement. The main issue is that the 10 day test drive starts as soon as the order is ordered. This means that do to some mailing services you could only get 5-6 days for the “test drive” portion of the supplement. But there is a plus with the manufacturer which is Fit Crew USA,
They will not automatically order the next months package until they sign up for the next bottle. So there is no need to worry about the company taking more from you. But with the effects that I was able to get from this product. You will hope that they had the option of a monthly renewal. So that you can continue to get the increasing amount of lean muscle mass that will grow when using this product.
If I was going to buy one Testosterone booster on the market. I will stick with Xtreme Testosterone from Fit Crew USA. It has all the essentials to help you get over any kind of lifting or work out plateau you may be going through. It can also help keep you energetic throughout your workouts. I remember when I first tried the product that it did not help me at first. By the second week I was breezing through my workouts as well as having left over energy for other activities.
Anyone willing to take the time and do some small adjustments to their workout routine will not be disappointed by this amazing product. I highly recommend it if possible give it a test run first if you have to. By then you will know how wonderful this product is and will want more to come because of it. Give it some time and you will see the benefits quickly.
Fit Crew USA has a winning product here and those who want the most out of their workouts and life in general should give this product a chance. To this day both me and my wife are thankful for finding such a great testosterone booster. I am very happy with the results.

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